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RTBLive Extra: God Among Sages

How do you engage someone who believes they are a good person and believes in Karma? How would you start a conversation to point toward Christ with that background info? 

Did Siddhartha Gautama feel guilty about leaving his wife and son? 

Why is God not empowering his church to spread his Gospel, and the Christian faith is currently static? Is the church possibly deluded about some of our approaches to the world’s problems? 

Would you please comment on Trilogy by Francis Schaefffer, Finding Truth by Nancy Pearcey, Cornelius Vantil, and books by Rousas John Rushdooy (The One and The Many, The Word of Flux)? 

What religion did Jesus practice? If Jesus was a Jew but also the child of Christian God, does that make him a different religion rather than Jewish?