RTBLive Extra: Finding Christian Unity on Creation

RTBLive Extra: Finding Christian Unity on Creation

Dr. John Walton says that the Hebrew verb “bara” does not mean “to create out of nothing.” This has bothered me for some time. He agrees with creation “ex nihilo,” but not from Gen 1:1 

Some of my Christian friends find the concept of the big bang sounds like evolution and not in keeping with God’s methods. How would you answer them? 

In historic Christianity, where do we see old earth and young earth positions begin to appear? 

What do you say to those that don’t consider creation a salvation issue? 

As a theologian what led Krista to get involved with the science aspect of apologetics? 

I know we are talking about science and creation, but I struggle with the predestination Calvinistic view. Is this something you can touch on here?