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Controversial Issues in Geology

Download Outline and Key Points PDF (180 KB)

by Pat McGuire, Steve Keyes, and Jim Chatham


  • Personal testimony
  • Issues in geology
    • Greenland ice cores
    • Limestone deposits
    • Chalk reservoirs
    • Radioisotope dating
    • Polystrate fossils
    • Uranium deposits
    • Paluxy River dinosaur tracks

Key Points To Remember

  • Young-earth explanations for Noah’s Flood, biodeposits, and other geological phenomena consistently fall short.
    • Such phenomena simply cannot be explained unless the Earth is accepted to be very old.
    • All geological evidence points to an old Earth.
  • Geologists work with precision equal to or greater than that used by astronomers.
    • Since geologists work with things that are “right here,” their capacity for accuracy is great.