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Stars, Cells, and God | Neanderthal with Down’s Syndrome | News of the Day

Join Fazale “Fuz” Rana in this breaking News of the Day episode of Stars, Cells, and God. Fuz discusses work by a team of anthropologists from Spain who maintain that analysis of a partial skull fossil indicates that Neanderthals provided compassionate care for a Neanderthal child with Down’s syndrome. Neanderthal with Down’s Syndrome Does this discovery mean that Neanderthals were just like us? In light of this find, can humans be regarded as exceptional and unique? If Neanderthals were like us, can the biblical claim that humans solely bear God’s image remain valid? Links & Resources The Child Who Lived: Down’s Syndrome Among Neanderthals? An Observation of a Severely Disabled Infant Chimpanzee in the Wild and Her Interactions with Her Mother Primates and Disability: Behavioral Flexibility and Implications for Resilience to Environmental Change Key Difference in Developing Human and Neanderthals Brains Should Chimpanzee Behavior Challenge Human Exceptionalism?