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Stars, Cells, and God | Interstellar Cloud Trigger for Civilization | News of the Day

Join Hugh Ross in this breaking News of the Day episode of Stars, Cells, and God. Hugh describes the discovery of the important role interstellar space clouds played in establishing the current ice age cycle that made our advanced civilization possible. Join us as we explore why we must be in an ice age cycle and: How rare it is for the solar system to traverse cold, dense interstellar clouds. How the entry of the solar system into a cold dense interstellar cloud about 2.5 million years ago sustained the cooling effect initiated by the Eltanin collider, How modeling of 21-centimeter data from the HI4PI survey revealed the velocity of the solar system across the Local Ribbon of Cold Clouds (LRCC), How the solar system’s traverse of the LRCC drastically affected the heliosphere and cooled Earth’s climate, How geological evidence for iron-60 and plutonium-244 isotopes affirms Earth’s traverse across cold, dense interstellar clouds, and How measurements reveal the solar system will exit the local interstellar cloud in the next few thousand years. This episode is packed with astronomical and geological revelations that explain why our current global, high-technology civilization is uniquely possible. Resources: A Possible Direct Exposure of the Earth to the Cold Dense Interstellar Medium 2–3 Myr Ago Hugh Ross, Weathering Climate Change (Covina, CA: RTB Press, 2020): 57–227.