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Star, Cells, & God | Distant Galaxy and the Big Bang | News of the Day

Join Hugh Ross in this breaking News of the Day episode of Stars, Cells, and God. Hugh describes the discovery of the most distant known galaxy and what the characteristics of this galaxy imply for the cosmic dawn and the big bang creation model. Distant Galaxy and the Big Bang Join us as we explore: – The astounding measurement of galaxy JADES-GS-z14-0 at a redshift of 14.32, revealing a glimpse into the universe just 280 million years after the cosmic creation event. – Insights into the size and brightness of JADES-GS-z14-0, with its light spanning over 1,600 light years, predominantly from young stars rather than a supermassive black hole. – The implications of JWST observations on the Big Bang model, sparking discussions among both young-earth creationists and astrophysicists about potential overhauls to our understanding of cosmic origins. – The standard Big Bang creation model and its components, including dark energy, exotic dark matter, and ordinary matter, and how JWST’s mission aims to detail the masses and populations of the universe’s first stars. – How JWST’s latest findings support the biblically-predicted Big Bang cosmic model and strengthen the evidence for a universe finely tuned by a cosmic Creator. This episode is packed with astronomical insights and cosmic revelations! Links & Resources: Stefano Carniani et al., “A Shining Cosmic Dawn: Spectroscopic Confirmation of Two Luminous Galaxies at z ~14,” eprint arXiv.2405.18485v1 (May 28, 2024), submitted for publication. Jakob M. Helton et al., “JWST/MIRI Photometric Detection at 7.7 µm of the Stellar Continuum and Nebular Emission in a Galaxy at z > 14,” eprint arXiv.2405.18462v1 (May 28, 2024), submitted for publication. Hugh Ross, JWST Glowingly Affirms Big Bang Creation Event Today’s New Reason to Believe Hugh Ross, What Does the Bible Say About the Big Bang? Today’s New Reason to Believe