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Join Fazale “Fuz” Rana and Chris Cirucci as they discuss new discoveries taking place at the frontiers of science that have theological and philosophical implications, including the reality of God’s existence.

Obstetrics Dilemma

Many skeptics point to the difficulties and dangers of the human birthing process as a flawed biological design, best explained as the product of human evolutionary history. This problem is exemplified by the obstetrics dilemma—a concept that sees the origin of the human birthing process as a compromise between two evolutionary pressures: (1) the shift of our knuckle-walking ape-like ancestor to a bipedal hominin and (2) the increased size of the human head. These two influences restricted the size of the human birth canal and made the passage of the human neonate with a large head through the birth canal difficult. In this episode, Fuz Rana discusses recent insights from an evolutionary perspective into the origin of the human birthing process (and the obstetrics dilemma) and then offers an explanation for the obstetrics dilemma from a creation model/design perspective.


Dynamic Finite-Element Simulations Reveal Early Origin of Complex Human Birth Pattern

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Abortion Pill Reversal

When a woman decides to undergo a chemical abortion, she takes two medications: mifepristone on the first day, followed 24–48 hours later by misoprostol. What if she changes her mind after taking the first abortion pill? Is there any hope to save her unborn child? Can chemical abortion be reversed? Or is abortion pill reversal “junk science” as some would contend?


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Links to Organizations

Abortion Pill Reversal

This is an information site for abortion pill reversal and provides contact information for women interested in pursuing this option.

Abortion Pill Reversal Hotline: 1-877-558-0333

Steno Institute—Life-Affirming Research

The Steno Institute is the research organization for abortion pill reversal