28:19 Episode 26

What does the new film Solo: A Star Wars Story say about the appeal of antiheroes? Why did God create humans? Did Neanderthals bury their dead? Should we throw away our SmartPhones? Find out about a special flash sale on More Than a Theory.

Culture Talk: Solo and the Appeal of Antiheroes 1:48
with Jay Sherer
For more from Jay Sherer, check out https://www.reclamationsociety.org/.

Nexus: Why God Created Humans 6:27
with Abdu Murray
Watch the full video of Abdu Murray’s AMP talk here: https://youtu.be/GGLM3CC5-EY

RTB 101: Did Neanderthals Bury Their Dead? 9:20
with Fazale Rana
Dig Deeper: http://www.reasons.org/todays-new-reason-to-believe/read/tnrtb/2016/05/09/did-neanderthals-bury-their-dead-with-flowers

Give and Take: Should We Throw Away Our SmartPhones? 14:23
with Ken Samples and Sandra Dimas
Dig Deeper: http://www.reasons.org/reflections/read/reflections/2018/04/10/living-life-looking-at-a-screen

RTB News: More Than a Theory Flash Sale! 22:15
with Hugh Ross
Get your copy by going to shop.reasons.org and using promo code MORE60.

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