28:19 Episode 20

A Christian View of Earth Day; Christianity’s Finest Thinkers: St. Augustine; Is Global Warming Real? Creation Care; Improbable Planet giveaway

Culture Talk: A Christian View of Earth Day (02:22)
with Hugh Ross
Check out Dr. Ross’ Earth Day blog post: http://reasons.org/todays-new-reason-to-believe/read/tnrtb/2016/04/21/10-ways-to-thank-god-on-earth-day

Nexus: Christianity’s Finest Thinkers: St. Augustine (07:27)
with Kenneth Samples
Watch the entire interview at https://youtu.be/ZKByJpEOM6g.

RTB 101: Is Global Warming Real? (10:29)
with Jeff Zweerink
Dig Deeper: http://www.reasons.org/todays-new-reason-to-believe/read/tnrtb/2010/12/02/what-about-global-warming

Give and Take: Creation Care (15:53)
with Kenneth Samples
Check out Kenneth Samples’ podcast, Straight Thinking.

RTB News: Improbable Planet giveaway (24:13)
with Hugh Ross
To participate in the giveaway, visit reasons.org/earthdaygift.

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